31 dic. 2003

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VITAL WEEKLY (Staalplaat), number 370/week 19 (2003):
The 19 minute track contained on this professionally packaged 3"cdr
is a collaboration between Cornucopia (Puerto Rico) and Pablo Reche
(Argentina). At first I was planning to describe it as one long
static drone, but the more I listen to this ep, I believe it would
be more accurate to call it vacuum music. The sound emanating is a
deep, submerged, rumbling, like being sucked into a black hole.
Drones usually have a linear progression, a single or group of sounds
held for a certain duration. Nebula 9.3 stays in one place, and just
increases the pressure. Slowly higher tonal pitches are introduced.
The bottom drops out, you attain weightlessness, and float into the
void. Necessary music for all your cosmic journeys.(JS)

PABLO RECHE, "Navegando Por El Mar Del Ruido" (Dreamland Rec)
As I write, in Argentina workers are taking over factories, hospitals and other workplaces and running them themselves as collectives, due to the mass abandomnet of finance from the country. In the meantime, Pablo creates "Sonic Landscapes" from everything, every source conventional and un, in a single monumental drone similar to Alp's domestic drones. So many layers, so many cross-overs between the sounds. Theres familiar white-noise hiss, mid-pitched echo drones, apparently theres guitar loops in there somewhere (courtesy a certain Mr. Jorge Castro; no relation I imagine), and the layers fluctuate and interchange to produce something that changes, remains static, and fills every crevasse in the brain itself. Light, white-yellow surrounding and shimmering, in which you float supplicant, surrendering with ease to the all-encompasing. Angels wear strange faces. (The Taped Crusaders Magazine)