21 nov. 2009

Pablo Reche "conexión ep"



Nueva referencia del sello de Madrid Con-V en formato CD-R de 3” y en tirada limitada de 50 copias numeradas.
"Conexión EP" comprende 5 temas de 17 minutos y encuentra a Reche forjando una nueva propuesta - menos en el ambient-drone-, centrado tanto en los retazos y microscópicos sonidos, como en aquellos ruidos reunidos en distintas capas, creando tensión entre los sutiles timbres y los ásperos rangos dinámicos altos.

This is a new release of Argentinean experimental artist Pablo Reche on Madrid’s based Con-V label on a 3" CD-R format in a limited run of 50 numbered copies.
"Conexión EP" comprised 5 tracks of 17 minutes and finds Reche forging a new proposal - less ambient drone like, focused on both snippets and microscopic sounds and multi-layered processed noises, creating tension between subtle timbres and harsh high dynamic range.


Vital Weekly 664:
So far the work of Pablo Reche has extended mostly in the areas of noise music. Loud but always with a sense of field recordings. Here on his new 3"CDR 'Conexion' it seems that he makes a better balance between the noise and the sources, in this case field recordings. The noise still there, but its pushed back in favor of the fields. In 'Camp' the line hum of a broken cable is the source, and on top Ikeda/Alva Noto like signals make interferences. In 'Golu' things are turned down with static hiss being processed to a lower point. Mechanical, motorized objects seem to have his strong interest as shown in these tracks, but it seems to me, even when I don't picture his entire discography in front of me right away, the balance between the pure noise elements and making things more musical prevails here, and it marks, I think a big step ahead.
[Frans de Waard]


16 nov. 2009

Pablo Reche / Ubeboet “Duae” (Retinascan, 2006)



El artista sonoro argentino Pablo Reche y el español Miguel Tolosa aka Ubeboet, quien dirige el netlabel y sello Con-V, se reúnen para realizar “Duae” editado en el sello alemán Retinascan en una caja DVD que contiene un folletín con imágenes de iambored y textos de Tolosa.
Esta es la primera vez que ambos músicos colaborar juntos, en tanto Reche junto a Anla Courtis tienen editado en Con-V, el EP “Transistores de Aire” [2005] y el propio Reche su EP “Constelación” [2004].
Había escuchado “Duae” en formato MP3 y ahora me doy cuenta con la versión CD-R, que muchos matices del disco habían pasado inadvertidos para mí. Posiblemente había ocurrido esto por sus bajas frecuencias y sonidos soterrados.
Este EP de 4 temas tiene una atmósfera post-industrial comenzando con “Urbs” que contiene algunos sonidos urbanos que permanecen como drones, a los cuales se suman capas profundas de bajos que llenan el espacio.
“Graviter” suena realmente profundo, bajo, casi inaudible, oscuro y frío. Luego de un silencio comienza “Circum” con algunos sonidos orgánicos y con forma de tubos, en tanto un polvo microscópico juega gana un importante rol que me hace sentir perdido en un inesperado lugar.
“Natura Duce” también posee paisajes fantasmales pero a poco andar asoman imperceptibles melodías, como un rayo de luz que cruza el brumoso panorama.
Es curioso pero la desolación y de acogida podrían ser dos sensaciones distintas y contradictorias, sin embargo a lo largo de “Duae” es posible tener esta experiencia dual.


In my mind "duae" is the antithesis of anything pastoral. Repeated listening to its tracks summon images ranging from abandoned urban landscapes of dilapidated factories and corroded machinery to the vast, cold, infinite emptiness of space. The opaque, deep sounds on this release coupled with the archaic Latin titles give duae a surreal isolationist atmosphere.
Contained within urbs (city) and circum (around), is the spectre of a a heavy, mechanized, industrial presence. A cold drone gradually builds during the opening segment of urbs which becomes the focal point of this track as low-frequency sounds resonate on the periphery. On circum the whine, groans, and hiss of machinery along with a reverberating drone make for formidable listening.
The sounds of both graviter (weighty, heavy) and natura duce (in accordance with your instinct ) create an infinite, space-like atmosphere. As the title suggests, graviter is a ponderous, brooding soundscape. The uneven, deep bass rumblings of the initial 5 m 30 s of this track summon images of a massive engine carrying a hulking craft through outer space. A half-minute of silence is followed by a return of the low-end sounds but with additional layers of subtle transparent tones and a beautiful drone floating effortlessly in the foreground. An insistent, but restrained, static helps to temper the cold, angrily intensifying, echoing drone that gradually builds in on natura duce. The only respite to this tense composition are the gentle, ethereal tones that make a brief appearance towards the end of the track which fade into the gentle pop and crackle of what sounds like a needle playing the empty grooves on vinyl.
The CD-R comes packaged in a DVD case that also contains a booklet with images created by iambored and accompanying words from Miguel Tolosa (Ubeboet). Some of the pictures are surreal - juxtaposing images of tree branches with the perished remnants of some industrial/manufacturing objects. (LAJ)


10 nov. 2009

Ubeboet & Calarco & Reche "biesi ep"


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loop.cl review:

modisti review:

This 20 minute piece is the result of a collaboration between Miguel Angel Tolosa (ubeboet), Juan Jose Calarco and Pablo Reche. ‘Biesi’ is Russian for ‘demons’ and sets the scene for an eerie journey through a soundscape packed with spectres and apparitions. The composition creates the feeling of unseen presences, evokes fog on still waters and whispers at the listener the half words of sleepwalkers. ‘Biesi’ contains haunted environmental recordings, beguiling undercurrents and otherworldly, narcoacoustic murmurs. By moving away from the obvious Western, Christian interpretation of the idea of demons, Tolosa, Calarco and Reche avoid any simplistic moral posturing between good and evil and pursue older, richer mythologies. One could draw parallels with Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Hideo Nakata and their explorations of so called ‘ambient horror’. In ‘Biesi’ ghosts, demons and the uncanny are very much part of life itself and the borders between the afterlife and the one which we inhabit are easily crossed, and forever blurred.

Alan Courtis & Pablo Reche "transistores de aire"



Archive.org // April 1, 2006

For me "Transistores de aire" EP is the quintessence of icy, gray, minimal isolationist drone. Images of being completely alone in a stark, unwelcoming landscape flash across my mind. Fluctuating waves of low rumbling noise coupled with sad, transparent tones, and menacing slices of feedback create a cold, heavy atmosphere as occasional shreds of elecronic scrapes act like a bitter wind stinging my face. One listen to this 18+ minute oppressive drone and you'll know why it's so brief - one could not last this long under these conditions.
[Larry Johnson]

Vital Weekly 496

In the years to come, new markets for electronic music will become bigger and bigger. Of course China will be booming, but also South America is upcoming. Anla Courtis of Reynols is for instance already a household name to some. Here he teams up with Pablo Reche, a fellow Argentinean drone musician. In the summer of 2005 they recorded 'Transistores De Aire' together - an eighteen and half minute pure drone piece. Shimmering at the very low end of the sound spectrum, just deep tones are covered here in this territory. How this was done, we don't know. Perhaps some old analogue synth? Maybe the aircondition system being amplified? There is hardly a movement in this piece, no big moving passages, just this very slow, humming sound that is recorded at a low volume. One waits for the big burst, that will destroy everything, but no such is happening. A very intense piece when played loud, and a very atmospheric piece when played soft - a frightening piece when played in the dark.
[Frans de Waard]