21 nov. 2009

Pablo Reche "conexión ep"



Nueva referencia del sello de Madrid Con-V en formato CD-R de 3” y en tirada limitada de 50 copias numeradas.
"Conexión EP" comprende 5 temas de 17 minutos y encuentra a Reche forjando una nueva propuesta - menos en el ambient-drone-, centrado tanto en los retazos y microscópicos sonidos, como en aquellos ruidos reunidos en distintas capas, creando tensión entre los sutiles timbres y los ásperos rangos dinámicos altos.

This is a new release of Argentinean experimental artist Pablo Reche on Madrid’s based Con-V label on a 3" CD-R format in a limited run of 50 numbered copies.
"Conexión EP" comprised 5 tracks of 17 minutes and finds Reche forging a new proposal - less ambient drone like, focused on both snippets and microscopic sounds and multi-layered processed noises, creating tension between subtle timbres and harsh high dynamic range.


Vital Weekly 664:
So far the work of Pablo Reche has extended mostly in the areas of noise music. Loud but always with a sense of field recordings. Here on his new 3"CDR 'Conexion' it seems that he makes a better balance between the noise and the sources, in this case field recordings. The noise still there, but its pushed back in favor of the fields. In 'Camp' the line hum of a broken cable is the source, and on top Ikeda/Alva Noto like signals make interferences. In 'Golu' things are turned down with static hiss being processed to a lower point. Mechanical, motorized objects seem to have his strong interest as shown in these tracks, but it seems to me, even when I don't picture his entire discography in front of me right away, the balance between the pure noise elements and making things more musical prevails here, and it marks, I think a big step ahead.
[Frans de Waard]